The Ultimate Car Mat

These luxury car mats are made to order locally, specifically to your vehicle's make and model. We utilize digital laser measurement and 3D modelling technology to produce the perfect fit for your car. They are produced locally at our Toronto workshop to ensure quality control at its highest standard.


Full Coverage

Luxury Car Mats protect your vehicle from dirt, snow, salt, etc. on parts where traditional floor mats do not cover. Our products offer full coverage for the carpet area, providing an easy-to-maintain interior.

Anti-Slip Layer

Traditional car mats are mostly made of rubber material that slides around after some time, which can lead to serious safety concerns. Luxury Car Mats come with an anti-slip bottom layer that is designed to grip onto your car's interior. This allows the mats to stay in place, even after long periods of usage.

Easy to Clean

Luxury Car Mats are designed to trap dirt and debris. Just clean the mats with simple vacuuming and wipe with a wet cloth. Your car will look as clean as new.

Top Carpet for Extra Comfort and Protection

All Luxury Car Mats come with detachable plastic carpets that fit with the floor mats perfectly. This high-quality waterproof material traps dirt, rain, and snow, which allows for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it adds extra cushioning and comfort to your soles.

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